Boudoir 101

    There is Nothing more amazing than a woman being comfortable and confident in herself. And often, we’re too caught up in everyday life to find that for ourselves.
    So I’m here to put that focus on you, in a most celebrated and lovely kind of way. And Boudoir has given not only me, but so many others, the means to do, and experience, just that.

    I totally understand that statement. I’m from Southern Mississippi, and have always heard the taboo talk around “sexy photos”. Stereotypical bedroom shoots have conditioned us to think that boudoir is all leather and lace, red lips and cat eyes. While that has its place, I consider my shoots outside of that box. From brides to mothers, anniversary gifts to weight loss goals, embrace every step and celebrate it. There is no specific type of girl, or stage in life that makes these sessions appropriate!
    I just don’t tell my grandmother about it 😉

    Almost every client wants to immediately know, “Where is the best place to buy cute lingerie??”
    And girl, if you want to do that, I have loads of suggestions! BUT tiny underwear can be so expensive! (looking at you Victoria’s Secret!) And in all seriousness, when are you gonna wear that probably not super comfy, strappy, one piece again? (for more than a few minutes, I mean)
    So I have an always growing client closet that is purposely curated for free use in these sessions! You’re welcome to bring your own pieces, try something of mine, or Both!
    But when it comes to styling your look- don’t over think and “try” to be sexy!
    The feel of a white silk robe, the simplicity of a blanket draped in just the right way, or even comfy loungewear or cut off jeans will do. Any of that will highlight your body, strength and femininity. So don’t let wardrobe stop you from doing this. If you feel good in it, I want to photograph you in it.

    No matter what I say… being, mostly, naked in front of a stranger is just one of those things that the general population is not used to. But in my experience with any kind of session- engagement, family, you name it- the first 5 minutes are the most awkward. And I’ve yet to have a client Not say, “This is so outside of my comfort zone,” upon starting their shoot. So you are not alone! And I joke about it a lot, but after the first few poses, you don’t think about the lack of clothing and genuinely have such a good time!
    I guide you in everything, from finalizing outfits to posing just right.
    **If you need to bring a little liquid courage to help, (within reason, cause ya know, driving) then do it!

    Before our session begins, I always encourage my client to let me know how they feel in their body. You don’t have to go into everything, but if you don’t like your arms or feet, but love how your booty looks, that can help determine so much, like outfit selections, how I tackle the posing and set up itself.
    I gets loads of questions about editing and touch ups. Namely, photoshop. And here is where I stand on that-
    Body Positivity. All. The. Way.
    I try my best during the session to bring out the best shapes, most flattering positions for you and your body. When it’s all over, I usually don’t retouch much of anything aside from things like scratches, bruises, acne, etc. Because at the end of the day, I want to capture a natural you and all that entails.
    That being said, of course anything you Want me to look over and work on, I absolutely will!

    I don’t usually Aim for sexy, I lean more sensual. But my personal goal with each session, is to come away with something meaningful and unique. As much as these may be for the client, they are also for me. This is what I love. It’s an added bonus that you get to benefit from that work as well. You may book this session as a “sexy” gift for your spouse or to remember your body in a certain way, but when you see your images, I want you to first say to yourself, “I look beautiful!” and believe it. These photos are you, just elevated and recognized.
    I wish I could share every message I receive post shooting, because its truly the best thing and makes me smile so much.

    There are Do’s and Don’ts all through life. Same here. For instance:
    Do eat before you come! Hungry is not a good look. Don’t eat a 4 course meal, you’re going to want to feel good, and will be moving around a lot.
    Do some yoga or stretches prior to the shoot. You will be in all kinds of unique positions and holding them for a at least a couple minutes at a time, so you Don’t want to be stiff.
    Do get your hair and make up done! This is such a great way to relax before the session and get pampered. Don’t wait until last minute to find a stylist. I have a couple of fantastic artists that come to my location and make it oh so easy. So ask me about that!

    And now, I’m going to hate on spray tans for juuuust a minute. It used to be that every other lady I shot had a spray tan prior to her shoot. But even if you do it a few days before, a lot just Don’t photograph well. And then on top of my editing style, which enhances skin tones, the final image can look a bit unnatural if you’re not careful! I can’t tell you how many blotchy hands/body creases, and odd lines I’ve had to work around.
    Its honestly a safer bet to forgo it all together!

    If you’re ready to book a session, then you have already knocked down that first wall and its absolute cake from here out! Go you!!
    Playing a small part in the empowerment of women from all walks of life is such an honor and blessing that I don’t take it lightly! I can’t wait to work with you!!
    XOXO, Jessica

    For More information, please visit my Boudoir Page!

    June 29, 2020