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The Bay Boudoir

Hello ladies,

Valentine’s day is upon us, and our loved ones are on our minds! I love getting chocolate and cards for valentine’s day, because it always reminds me of those early dates in the beginning of my own relationship. Such sweet times!

While our sweethearts will love anything we gift them on Valentines, some ladies like to think outside the heart-shaped box. I have the honor of working with incredible women for boudoir sessions, especially at this time of year, for some really unique and beautiful gifts for their special someone. I love hearing the stories of why the photos will be gifted and often times those stories come with sweet memories of what drew the two of them together in the first place. So whether the session is for an anniversary, a wedding gift, or just because, the reasons behind the shoots are so inspiring to me and come through in the photos!



With that lovey-dovey holiday just around the corner, I thought I would block off a day (or two) to shoot several sessions. We have an incredible venue, The Bay Bed & Breakfast, that will be our canvas, which is soooo exciting! The Bay is located in Downtown hattiesburg and is just so cozy and inviting! There are so many possibilities with a place like this and we get to use it to its fullest potential. Trust me ladies, its gonna be a treat!



Also we will be using Bloom’s – A Garden Shop for our florals during the session. Adrienne, who owns both Blooms and The Bay, will grace us with her talents as she will make us an oversized bouquet and a flower crown. (Its gonna be stunning.)

I’m so elated to share these shots from a session I completed recently, Thank you so much Magen for generously volunteering to test out the location first so that our ladies can see it first-hand.






Here’s the details girls: I’ll be shooting at The Bay Bed & Breakfast from 10am – 4pm on January 17th! These sessions are specially priced at $150, with no photo limits. I have a few sessions already book at the time of this writing, I will be scheduling a few more sessions between 10 and 2, So book SOON!

So, bring your favorite intimates, your love story and your inner goddess and lets have some fun!

Jessica <3 <3

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