Southern Blue Editorial Wedding Shoot
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“With a little help from our friends” – Southern Blue Editorial Wedding Shoot

Shooting styled weddings are always a blast, but its even better when you’re collaborating with friends! We had the immense pleasure of working with Lauren Soley at Lovegood Wedding Rentals on a project that she dreamed about for months. As much as we love sharing our vision, being able to help contribute to someone else’s is another rush entirely! We exchanged endless emails, phone calls and pinterest boards all hours of the day and night. Even through Lauren’s hectic schedule and sleepless nights, there was still a sparkle in her eyes when she talked about her ideas. Thats how you know when there’s passion in a project. Soon we had our main theme at hand, drawing inspiration from the classic beauty of the willow-patterned china and old-fashioned, southern charm. We then began planning with other vendors and boy did we have some great ones!






Adam Trest supplied us with some incredible watercolor art work for the invitation suite and menus. The intricacies of the designs were the perfect compliment to Lauren’s meticulously curated table setting.

417A1770 copy

Jill Windham provided the jaw-dropping bouquet. Her lovely flowers always show off her signature style.

417A1385 copy

The Good South brought timeless charm to the table. Their fabulous bowties are a must to top of the perfect look.

417A1568 copy

Forrest Paper and Bridal Company floored us with this gorgeous wedding dress from their collection.  The always awesome Tamara Wright worked her magic with the wonderful make up and hair styling.


Cakes by Janice made the beautiful cake which was the cherry on top for our shoot.

417A1912 copy

At last, the day of the shoot was at hand and stress to pull it off was at fever pitch. Jessica and Lauren began styling the entire shoot from small flower arrangements to an enormous vine arch. For Jessica, it was a dream to have so many pretty flowers to work with. She could decorate cakes and make arrangements everyday if she were able (Shes amazing if I say so myself) While Jessica worked on that, Lauren was putting her perfect setting together. She set up an incredible 20-seat farm table spread that was to die for. She also got a chance to show off one of her favorite pieces in the collection, eight vintage pews that were a fantastic way to complete the whimsical alter setting. I was then enlisted to help move out the blue furniture that really gave the shoot a perfect color complementation and showcased Lovegood’s wonderful variation.


Even Lauren’s mother got in on the action by creating the adorable flower girl dress by hand.

417A1690 copy


Its been a long time coming, but we’re so happy to share these images with you finally!



Make sure to check out All of the vendors above and show them some love! Enjoy!

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