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Something Boudoir..

Happy Valentines Day everybody!


We hope everyone is enjoying their day with loved ones, I know I have sure enjoyed the extra snuggles today from a certain 17 month old 🙂


We have been itching to do some more creative shoots lately, especially before wedding season craziness hits. Luckily the south Mississippi winter is mild enough to work in our favor and since Ryan and I had a little down time this weekend, we thought what better way to spend that than rip vines out of our yard and call up our favorite model/cousin/muse, Karlee, for an impromptu shoot.






As previously stated, we decided to try our hand at a greenery wall (something we have been dying to do!) So Ryan and I began tearing vines out of shrubs and trees (hey, they needed to go anyway… what better reason is there to do yard work!) We luckily came out with an abundance of greenery so the backdrop was a breeze! We even snuck some shots of Nolan in front of it!








My lovely cousin Karlee just happened to be home now, so of course she was the perfect model to work with such a natural set. We have talked back and forth about doing boudoir before, so the opportunity presented itself and we ran with it! Karlee just lit up the lens and I couldn’t be happier with the results this simple but lush backdrop gave. I definitely came away inspired for future shoots!!









We hope to be sharing some more of our editorial work soon with you all, with down time comes freedom to work out our imaginations. Ryan and I are really hoping to take advantage! I also want to take a second to say welcome to the new site!!! Ryan and I have worked for many an hour preparing this new version of our site for launch, so we hope you enjoy our facelift. There will be another blog post coming to address it and our 5th year of being BlackBird!













Enjoy your sweets and flowers!


Jessica :*

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