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Outdoor Boudoir

Hello Everybody!

Sorry for lack of updates lately! But I’m here and happy to announce a little something special planned for the ladies.

After the great response I have received with boudoir photo sessions, I decided to offer something out-of-the-box…

I’m offering Two days of Outdoor Boudoir sessions for the special price of $150 (regular price $200) in a secluded outdoor setting for a whimsical and ethereal touch! The dates are May 3rd and 4th. Due to set ups and scheduling, I am offering these shoots for two days, but if there’s enough interest I will definitely add dates! One of the biggest points I want to get across with these sessions is that you don’t need a salon crew to look beautiful, you don’t have to buy Victoria’s Secret…Natural is gorgeous. I am so thankful to be working in conjunction with Lovegood Wedding Rentals, Rasberry Greene and Tamara Wright for props, location and MUAH for the sessions. MUAH will also be discounted! For $45, you will get some great waves and natural make-up. Each session will be 45 minutes long and you will need to arrive 45 minutes prior to your slot for hair and make up if interested!

Every client is different but most women are a lot alike under these circumstances, haha, so I always try to give them a little tip list before the shoot!  To the point and really helps the overall look of things.

Keep in mind:
Wear a button up or loose shirt during hair and makeup so nothing wears off or gets flattened.
Eat! So many clients don’t eat before, not a good idea! You need to snack, maybe not a full course meal, ha, but Eat!                                                                                                You may want to come without a bra on or at least a bra you want in the photos. (to avoid extra lines they may leave on your skin)
Bring anything you have in mind and we can weed from there! Always better to have more than less.  
Any jewelry your spouse or partner has given you is always a special touch! Costume jewelry you own makes for great accent shots. (Wedding ring, long pearls, etc.)
A couple pair of heels, because who doesn’t love what high heels do to your legs?! 
Some find that it helps to do some kind of  exercise or yoga beforehand to help tighten and stretch.
I have a lot of girls bring over-sized shirts, jerseys, things like that, and that’s fine but remember we want to show you off! Not completely cover you.
And as cheesy as it sounds….look in a Mirror. See what you like and don’t like when it comes to facial expressions! Some girls hate their straight face or think they look mad. Some hate to smile or make a “sexy” faces because they think they look silly. Let me know what parts of your body you’re uncomfortable with.

These photos may be for someone special, but they are Just as much for You! I want them to be what You want, and in order for that to happen, you need to be comfortable! And of course, feel free to look up ideas and show me! I love to try new things!

Like my last Boudoir post, the following photos were shot for the sole purpose of showcasing the set up and idea! But as so many know and understand, not everyone wants their photos posted on the internet! And for good reason. So I’m offering yet Another discount! The “Daring Discount”. If you allow me to share 1-2 photos (approved by you) on our social media, you can receive an extra $50 off your session! Otherwise our albums are private and no hard feelings!

These sessions have easily become one of my favorite things to do!! From getting to know the client to capturing such intimate portraits, its so rewarding. I can’t begin to express how it blesses my heart to read reviews my clients have left for me. The fact that many of them find themselves comfortable and feel so beautiful during our sessions is amazing! I’ve included a few of those reviews with the pictures below! Enjoy the sneak peak at these great sessions to come! If you have any questions or would like to book a time slot, please email me at booking@blackbird-creative.com or message us on FB!

A big thank you to Tamara Wright for serving as our model today! You were flawless! It was super last minute and she did a great job in front of the camera and choosing her outfits. One of her tops came from Apricot Lane and even though its not lingerie, it was a perfect example of working with what you have!


– Jessica Phillips, BlackBird Creative






“I had a Boudoir session with BlackBird Photography a couple of months ago. . I was initially nervous, but the photographer quickly calmed my nerves with her sweet disposition and professionalism. There were a variety of sets to choose from, and my own ideas were incorporated. The photos and photo book I ordered turned out beautifully! I couldn’t have been more pleased! Great experience!”



“I could not imagine doing my boudoir session with any one other than BlackBird Photography. Not only was the session completely approachable in every way, it was also tasteful and I felt extremely comfortable! I would absolutely do it a hundred times over and recommend every woman to give it a shot! You definitely won’t regret it!”


“Having Jessica shoot a boudoir session as a gift for my husband was one the funnest experiences. It was classy and beautiful!! Her creativity and eye for true beauty makes for an unforgettable gift!!”



“My boudoir shoot with Blackbird was amazing. My hair and make up were perfect and Jessica made me feel very comfortable. My body is nowhere near perfect and my pictures are awesome! It was something I never thought I’d do, but I’m so glad I did.”


“I cannot say enough good things about working with BlackBird Creative (formerly BlackBird Photography). I have used their services for several photoshoots and it is always a positive experience.  I worked with Jessica for my boudoir shoot and it was such a pleasure working with her. She is very accommodating and I truly felt comfortable the entire time. The photo-session itself was so much fun, the location was comfortable, and I felt not only  confident, but beautiful as well. Just let yourself have fun with it and be yourself and your confidence and beauty will shine through. You are in good hands with BlackBird. The photos were Fun, flirty, and classy!”



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