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Mommy and Me Photography

Mommy & Me

A mothers relationship with her children is one of the most precious things we can capture as photographers. Theres such a distinct beauty in the smiles between them and the laughter tickles induce.

We are so blessed to be able to capture such tender and intimate moments from weddings, engagement sessions and boudoir, but catching that sweet smile from a child to its mother just transcends words. Maybe it’s because we’re parents now, but there’s nothing like the feeling of sparkly little eyes looking up lovingly at you.. Our most prized shots are those with deep connection. A story outside and inside the photograph. For mother’s especially, those connections run deep.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we thought it would be a super sweet gift for all mothers to have a special shoot dedicated to their beautiful bond with their children! These sessions are specially priced at $150 and that includes digital files and copyright to the images. We will be shooting these sessions in our home studio. Feel free to bring any props or special possessions that you and your children hold dear! You can schedule this session before or after Mother’s Day and we can provide gift cards specifically for that special mama in your life!  These shoots aren’t just limited to moms and tots! The possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to help you celebrate your wonderful mother (or grandmother, mother-to-be, or even puppy moms!)

Here’s some inspiration for you! And we just have to gush about our perfect models… For Chelsea and Rahn Tew, our journey of working together started with their engagement, Chelsea’s beautiful bridal session and what is to this day one of our favorite weddings we’ve ever shot, a Christmas session that celebrated their new home and then We were so honored that they asked us to shoot their maternity session. One thing remained the same through those, and that was the love they showed each other and the journey it took them on. When we got Chelsea, Rahn and their newest addition Jake to help us show off these new “mommy & me” sessions, we automatically knew these sessions had potential to be some of our favorites. Chelsea looked at Jake with the same loving gaze that we had recorded between her and Rahn in all those previous sessions when they were just two. (Or “Tew” 😁their hashtag for announcing their little one is the absolute cutest, #fromtewtothree) Thats what’s so special about working with you all.. We get to witness love and kindness everyday in a world that feels so negative at times.

You can book your Mommy & Me today! Just Contact Us via our contact form!




(We snuck one of the happy father too! )


We couldn’t let this session setup slip by without taking advantage of it too! I convinced Jessica that she and Nolan had to do it and they just turned out beautiful. I know she loved the results but as a father and husband, these shots just melt my heart. These photos can be just as powerful for us dads, as they are for the moms they celebrate. I’m just lucky to be connected to these precious people 😍😉





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