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Mississippi Snow

If you’ve lived in the Deep South of the United States long enough, you know that Snow days are a pretty big deal down here…. You also know that its usually more rain than actual snow, which means we actually Never get snow, lol. This was the case for our latest winter weather. No Snow and a whole lot of icy roads. BLECK!

We thought we’d take mother nature into our own hands and beat her to the punch; which would be Much easier than having a model on standby in case it dropped to 20 and we got a sheet of ice/snow. So we decided to create our own winter setting for a fun editorial/test shoot. Not sure if you’ve ever tried, but conjuring snow isn’t easy. Luckily, (thanks pinterest) there are loads of stupid easy ways to make it! Who knew?! A trip to Michaels, the mall and a fur on loan from a sweet friend completed the simple look we wanted.

Thank you all So much for the support and love you show us and encouraging us to keep it up even when things get crazy! These sessions are what make us So happy!

And a Big thank you to Lauren & Donnie at Rasberry Greene for being so gracious and leading us to an even more amazing spot! Nikki for modeling through the fake “snow” and the real rain… You deserve a trophy, ha!

We’ll be getting cozy while our blast of winter comes through MS, (it’ll be in the 70’s by Tuesday…) but it will give us a good chance to catch up on blogging! Be on the look out for another styled wedding hitting the journal in the next few days!

Also, Don’t forget its about that time to think about Valentine’s Day gifts. Boudoir Sessions are unique way to say “I love you” for all seasons! Find out more about BlackBird Boudoir Sessions here! We’ll be posting some inspiration soon 😉


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