Holiday Inspired Editorial
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Holiday Inspired Editorial

 We’ve been toying around with the idea of creating custom dresses for shoots for a while, but either schedule or funds get in the way of that creative angle. We always try to find an efficient yet unique way to create, in spite of constraints, whether that be time, money or items. I have always loved fashion and Ryan really helps give me a direction when we start brainstorming clothing for our shoots. I’d found this incredible fabric a couple months ago and it just spoke to me. I knew we could do something great if we got the chance to use it.



We had the fabric in mind for another upcoming editorial session, but sometimes lightning strikes. My friend Lauren was in town and had just text me asking to visit Nolan. Within ten minutes, I had convinced her to model for me. I started work on what I hoped would be a dress at 330 on a Saturday and only had an hour to get it made before dark…. Unfortunately, I didn’t make my deadline, but my gracious friend indulged me for a fitting, so at least I got that out of the way!


With the skirt knocked out, I realized we had to have top.. So thats where I had to get a little unorthodox. Boy are we lucky to have versatile models who can fit in children’s dance costumes! Now we had a top, dress and a cowl out of a few dollars worth of fabric and a dance leotard.


Our Holly bushes were covered in red berries which made for a perfect crown. Even if it was a bit prickly… (sorry Lauren) I’m thrilled with the results, I really wanted to do something to share during the holiday season that wasn’t over-the-top and somehow we ended up with not only that, but something that seemed so timeless.



Thank you Lauren for being a great sport and putting up with our crazy antics, blood shed, and for being the perfect little model!


Let me just take a moment to say that this quick little shoot was so much fun for us! We LIVE for shoots like this. The spontaneity and little details are where our hearts lie. We love collaborating with others on shoots like this too! If you have an idea that you would like to be a part of and see brought to life comment below or drop us a line!



P.S. our amazing friend/model Lauren just got some exciting news! She will be the speechwriter for Louisiana Governor-Elect John Bel Edwards, a life-long dream! Congrats you!

Check her website out here if you are interested in more of what Lauren is up to!

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