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Haunting Me Forever

Happy Halloween you guys!

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year, because it appeals to our wild imaginations. So naturally we have to dress up someone, right? We steered away from ghouls and goblins and settled in on a dark, haunting elegance with this one. Jessica and I bought the dress a year ago and its just been waiting for the perfect setting and model. She ripped a god-awful 80’s wedding dress (with sleeves and sequins to boot) in half and brought out a beautiful skirt and paired it with a crop top. Then it was on to building flower crowns and brainstorming ideas. We normally don’t shoot with studio lights, its just never made sense with our style. However, I must say this shoot may change my mind on the whole studio aspect…

Let me just gush about  our model for a minute. Carrie – Leigh Sinclair lives in Jackson, MS which is almost 2 hours from where we live. The moment we asked her about modelling, she was on board. Carrie was such a trooper and an incredibly gracious person to work with. Our business gives us a special chance to meet and interact with people we may never come in contact with on a day-to-day basis, and its even more of gift when you meet people as nice as the ones we work with. Carrie was no exception and we appreciate her so very much for all her help! You’re the best!


Now on to the pictures and we have an extra treat (or trick… see what I did there…)


IMG_87331  IMG_86091  IMG_8463-copy1  IMG_8455-copy  IMG_8451  IMG_8306    417A9946  417A9929  417A9921  417A9687-copy  417A9669  417A9744  417A9818-copy  417A9884-copy  417A9895     417A9469  417A9401  417A9382-copy  417A9210-copy  417A9972-copy





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