Geometric Inspired Wedding at Rasberry Greene
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Geometric Inspired Wedding at Rasberry Greene




We always jump at the chance to step away from the computer and get hands on with projects. Whether it’s working away at 3am on invites and envelopes or bleeding over the geometry of building an arch, (ouch, we both suck at geometry) we wouldn’t trade it for anything. The experience of putting our minds together and producing a result we’re happy with is what got us started doing this. For Ryan and I, the planning stages of our editorial shoots can be like a trippy version of “Pong”. I have a crazy idea and he bounces back with something totally off-the-wall. Then we have to level out and reel it in. Where most couples enjoy a day at the beach, we enjoy talking our heads off and prying to inspire art out of each other.

This particular shoot started off with some big ideas and even bigger props. We had plans to build several geometric shapes and wanted to shoot it in a huge abandoned building. But like so many things in life, a photo shoot should abide by the “all things in moderation” rule…. Especially if you are working on a budget (booooooooo…) So with no luck on the locations front and hitting many roadblocks along the way, we found ourselves thinking, “Why not Rasberry Greene?” This place is SO versatile. Out of the  many times we’ve shot there, I can’t think of one photo that looks the same. With location in mind and a more reigned in approach to our prop building, we got to work.

We had the pleasure of working with one of our all-time favorite couples, an oh so talented cake maker who made my design a reality, Melissa Hill of Twelve Five Cakery and once again Lauren Soley with Lovegood! With such great vendors who get our work ethic at our side, we began working on our contributions to the shoot. As I bounced around with everyone and brought together the styling side of the shoot, Ryan took on our behemoth Hexagon. As previously noted, we suck at geometry. After lots of sawing, sweat, and do-overs, our 9ft alter was complete!

One of the very best parts of doing editorials is working with people you love. Landon and Katelyn have now been married three times with us (including their Real wedding, ha)….and every time I think it just gets better. Working with these two is a dream. Not only are they insanely gorgeous, but the love between them just beams on camera. They were sold as soon as I presented them with the idea. With some pinterest board swapping and a little in-home visit later (mainly to introduce Nolan to the Bryant clan.), we knew we had the perfect models to complete our vision.

But what I truly love most about this kind of inspiration shoot is that it’s So doable. Whenever we have a bride that says “We’re on a budget and I just don’t think we can afford my Dream Wedding” I  die a little. Every couple deserves what they want, and I love that we can walk away from this and say (realistically, aside from the cake) to pull this off we spent less than $175. With some DIY, vintage finds, sales and an open mind. Now, doesn’t that seem reachable? Granted, this a small scale dream, but imagine all the possibilities within $1,000. It can be done. And we love the couples that push past their limits together and create something unique.

These sessions are where our passion is and we hope to continue sharing them with you all! Even if it wears us out, Ha!

Now…enjoy these photos as much as we do. 🙂







































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