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Colorful Confetti Styled Wedding

Its no secret…We love a good wedding.

Even more so, we love shooting weddings and inspiring future brides with our work. Though most of our styled shoots tend to lean on fashion and ethereal aesthetics, we wanted this shoot to get to the heart of our favorite clients: Easy going couples who are so wrapped up into each other that nothing else matters. Those who are in sheer bliss of being together. Our own marriage is built around that same ethos and it’s been been at the heart of BlackBird from day one.

Last October we found this incredible vintage gown and knew from moment one how we’d use it. We had the perfect models and a like-minded, crazy baker on our side. Melissa Hill, (Twelve-Five Cakery) had been brainstorming on unique treat displays and suggested we do a donut wall one day. As soon as she brought it up, we knew it would be the perfect statement piece for this styled wedding shoot. But with our own twist, of course.

We cut two 6ft+ letters out of foam board and painted them to compliment our scheme, added some dowel rods with adorable cookies via Melissa and Viola! The raddest cookie display. We have been wanting to do larger than life props for a while so this was such a great opportunity to have fun with that. Again, Fun being at the heart. Oh, we can’t wait to shoot a real wedding with a cookie (or donut) wall.

We were able to work in a poppy color palette in so much of the concept, from the wardrobe to the props. Everything came together so well! Even the flowers were the perfect amount of quirky! (The best of friends give you their left over flowers. Thank you soooooo much Jill Windham!! ) Jessica had way too much fun creating the bouquet and boutonnière.

To add to our celebratory mood, we decided party poppers were a must. Once we finally figured out how hard you really have to push those suckers, we were good to go! Not only did the shots turn out gorgeous but our models had a blast with it.

We have shared several teasers on here and our social media pages, but we just can’t weed them down to a digestible group for this blog. We hope you’ve had just as much fun viewing these as we did making it. Thanks again to Laci, Will, Melissa & the Ardor ladies for letting us go nuts!

Go out there and have blast with the ones you love this weekend! (with or without pesky party poppers..)


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