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Elopement Wedding Red Bluff Mississippi

Elopement Editorial

This Elopement Editorial has been in the works for a few weeks now, and I can’t tell you how satisfied we are with the results. You hope and pray and about a shoot coming together this perfectly, but its rarely that easy… But when the day came, things couldn’t have fallen into place any better. From the clothing to the location, great weather and all the little extras we poured over. Its times like these you when feel like you accomplished something. The feat may be a small and, in the grand scheme of things, insignificant to most. But to us, its a huge moral boost in a time when we’re trying our best to push forward and create. We hope you all enjoy these images as much as we do!


We’d been thinking of what amazing backgrounds our home state provided for an assortment of possibilities. You don’t always have to leave your comfort zone to find a magical place. One of our favorites is Red Bluff, just 45 mins from Hattiesburg.


Elopements, especially ones that include visually striking backdrops, are very enticing to us. It really just comes down to the couple. You can see just as much emotion in a simple exchanging of vows as you can a large ceremony . Full weddings are wonderful community events for family and friends, and we love that just as much. But on the flip side of that coin, there is something so tender about the intimacy of an elopement, a couple wrapped up in one another without distraction. We wanted to provide our audience with what we see as a wonderful possibility for just that type of couple.



Jessica and I wanted a story and a scenario that would be accessible. A beautiful couple that uses a place near and dear to their heart as the canvas for their love story. We wanted the details to be limited but impactful; Wildflowers and foliage plucked from the brides family garden, (thanks grandmother ;)) the color scheme of their wardrobe blending with their surroundings and heartfelt vows to read to one another. It may have been fiction, but we felt like we were witnessing something beautiful, raw, and real (helped immensely by Hannah and Dax’s WONDERFUL acting. We literally had tears in our eyes.)


We want to give an ENORMOUS shoutout to our girl Katy McCraw, She nailed the makeup and absolutely killed it on the braiding. Looking forward to more work with you! We also have to gush over our amazing models. Dax and Hannah were the absolute best. Troopers to very end, even if we did put on cliff, stab you with weird flowers (what the heck?) and gassed you with smoke bombs. Thank you for your wonderful enthusiasm and your sweet little relationship!


We’d love hear your ideas for an unforgettable elopement! We have special rates for Elopements and would love to talk to you about organizing your own! Contact Us for more info and let’s start planning!



I will not claim to be a videographer at all (We’ll let the pros handle that) but I had to have a little fun with this session! Here’s a little clip of some of the action that day.


Make Up & Hair – Katy McCraw

Models – Hannah Murdock & Dax Smith

Photography/Styling/Video – BlackBird Creative

Smoke Bombs – ShippedYesterday.com



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