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Floral Bridal Boudoir Photography

Create. Create. Create.

Ahh… It always feels good to leave a shoot smiling! ❤️

Editorial shoots are where we come from and we have totally neglected that side of our creative process lately, but it’s something we aim to fix.

I’m paraphrasing here, because I can’t remember her exact quote, but one of our biggest inspirations said recently, “If you do not feed your creative mind, it will wither and die, that will in turn affect every aspect of your art.”

So with that being said, we are going to push ourselves to produce the best and most imaginative work we have ever done in the coming months. Keep scrolling to see the first of many projects to come along with some insight for the session!


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As you all know, boudoir has become one of our favorite things to shoot. We’re always looking for inspiration and trying to come up with new looks and ideas for clients. Personally, I Love bridal boudoir. There is something so sweet and beautiful about a soon-to-be or new bride doing these for their spouse! And of course, veils make for the best props 😉


I really wanted to focus on this idea for the shoot: Bridal and Boudoir, and where they meet in the middle. Our editorial work breeds more inspired client work, which is our goal with BlackBird. So I would love to work this magic with you!


It was so much fun putting this look together and I hope to do more for future clients. Creating something out of nothing is so rewarding and we definitely can’t wait to dream up another style and then show it off!


A huge thank you to our model, Laci. You were stunning! Such a wonderful time working with you again, this time without the rain and coldness 😛


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