Bridal Session at Ardor - BlackBird Creative
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Bridal Session at Ardor

We are so giddy about getting to share these! Destiny won a bridal session with us last fall and we couldn’t have had more fun getting to know her.

Destiny was an absolute dream to work with. She lit up the camera and was constantly moving around the frame, which gave us so many opportunities to capture something fresh and interesting! Not only was she incredible on her own, but look at that dress! Destiny bought the gown and then added her own touch with the handmade 3d flowers. So perfect.

We knew we wanted to work with the airiness of her gown and thanks to this early spring we are experiencing in Mississippi, we had some help from mother nature. Jessica was able gather ivy and camellia blooms to create a simple greenery wall at the always perfect Ardor Studio. Then we just gallivanted around downtown and let the wind direct us (literally) lol.

Its always fantastic when a client trusts you and gives creative freedom, even if its as simple as this. We just love what we got!

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