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Bridal Prep Boudoir at Rasberry Greene

When I sat down to write this (with no words in mind except, “look at these pretty pictures!” haha), Say Yes to the Dress came on. Of course I stopped. Guilty pleasure. Whether its the dress price point or the snotty friends, you can’t help but cringe sometimes. So as I scrolled through the images prepping them to post, all I could think about was how calm she looked. And I thought about all the instances that I, and others, have seen brides get lost in the rush and stress the day away. And in all the planning that goes into it. Especially before she walks down the aisle.

I love that when I look through these, I really feel like, “Oh, she is Soaking. This. In.”
Granted, its not always ideal or convenient to do boudoir photos on your wedding day. In most cases you’re not totally alone and probably have a posse doing your hair and make up. BUT. You can still have that time and relish in it.

These are the perfect sessions to do that in. As I have said many times before, boudoir has become one of my favorite things to do. More and more I find that Almost-Brides make the sweetest, most beautiful subjects. I LOVE all the ladies I’ve been so lucky to work with. (#blessed) But there is always such a fun excitement and sometimes the most adorable butterflies behind the shoot when she’s about to be a bride. The way she talks about her fiance, how she’s going to surprise him, that she couldn’t imagine doing this for anyone else. While I am the first to say “Be your own Lady!”, there is something amazing in knowing that there is this intimacy and love that you don’t come by everyday.

All that being said….If you want 3 wedding dresses and a reception dress for 50k (adopt me, jk, but really) then go for it. Have the wedding of your dreams. But breathe. Kick everyone out for a few minutes. Take it slow and enjoy it. Enjoy him. And if it isn’t ideal to make that extra time on the big day but you want an afternoon out to get all gussied up and relax, lets get together! 😉

We’ve been so lucky to shoot in some amazing venues and this time I got to showcase one of our favorites. Rasberry Greene is owned by the sweetest duo out there, which makes it amazing in its own right. But this bridal suite! Who could ask for more. Space, well lit, carefully curated vintage furniture and the greatest beauty counter. Thank you for letting us come in out of the rain and enjoy the space!

If anyone is still looking for the perfect dress and accessories look no further than Forrest Paper & Bridal Co. and Mamie & James. This silk stunner was the perfect mix of sexy and timeless. Then paired with their vintage earrings…Wowza. They also do the most gorgeous, custom paper goods including invitation suites! And I’m so in love and grateful to have used another garter combo from Loren James. This particular piece features antique lace and pearls with a coordinating toss garter. So gorgeous. Big thanks to Cheryl at Forrest and Loren for letting me play with your pretties!!

Of course, I wouldn’t have anything without the beautiful Haley Beasley showing it all off! Thank you again for working with me and playing dress up 🙂





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