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Bridal Boudoir at the Bottling Company

We’re suckers for industrial settings, but when married with modern, it’s stunning. And the Bottling Company is just that! We had the opportunity to use their space for a new boudoir shoot. This shoot in a way serves many purposes for us: a great launch for our new boudoir instagram, a mini product shoot with our friends at Mamie & James (Her garters are to DIE for!)and a unique new boudoir series we are starting with some local venues!

I’ve had more and more brides not only booking boudoir sessions, (Yay!) but also taking the time on their Big day to include some intimate shots during their bridal prep. This is such an elegant and beautiful way to remember Your glow on your wedding day. I can’t wait to share more of these sessions in our favorite venues and bridal suites. Coming soon!!

But to say that we are overjoyed with the look and lighting in this renovated venue is an understatement. Even the simplest poses were taken to another level! Our model, the gorgeous Stephanie Weiss, Brought. It. She was absolutely a photographer’s dream; SO. MUCH. FUN.

This shoot also gave us a chance to show off some of our new additions to the boudoir inventory: a gorgeous vintage robe and custom lace capelet! We’ve been dying to use these!

I’ve had the most compliments and questions about where I got these pieces! And guys, I stress again, you don’t have to have all the frills of traditional lingerie to pull off this look. I gather from places like Target, TJ Maxx, Etsy, even “the” Wal Mart 😉 WHO KNEW!

At the end of the day the gorgeous shines through no matter what you wear! And piecing those things together has become So much fun. Yay bargain shopper!

Until next time! 

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