Boudoir Sessions by BlackBird Creative
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Boudoir Sessions

Hello all, Jessica here!

At BlackBird we get to shoot various types of photography; weddings, families, babies, senior casuals and editorials. What you may not know is that BlackBird also offers Boudoir Sessions. I (and only me) shoot and edit the photographs and I now have a private space in our home dedicated to these shoots! I aim to show the flirty side of women, without being too risque.  I believe in a happy medium, one that is classy and gives women a chance to show off their true beauty. I’ve been shooting boudoir sporadically for a couple of years, but with several requests lately, I felt now was the time to share a glimpse of what they are all about! I’d like to give a special Thank You to Samantha Quiroz and Mallorie Kline of Blush Salon for all their help! Samantha did a flawless job with hair and makeup and Mallorie was the perfect model!

These sessions are perfect for brides, celebrating a special anniversary, a gift for the husband, or just because!

Session Prices start out at $200 for the photoshoot and $75 extra for hair and makeup by our fabulous makeup artists, Amber Mauldin (MAC Cosmetics), Samantha Quiroz (Blush Salon) and Tamara Herrington (Availability varies). We also offer a 20-page photobook for $80!

Here are a few photos that give you just a tease of this fun session!

417A4650-copy 417A4686 417A4815-copy1 417A4910-copy 417A4980 417A5109 417A5116-copy

I hope these sessions give a positive spin on a subject that has been taboo for years. Have fun with it! I can’t wait to help you express your inner beauty!

***This session was shot with the sole purpose of spotlighting the boudoir sessions. All client albums are private and never posted publicly without consent.***

  • Heather Watts
    Posted at 00:12h, 09 December

    I might be interested in booking a session. Looks like something fun and different.

  • ashli
    Posted at 12:37h, 11 December

    I actually really love this idea. My fiancé believe in abstinence until marriage so something like this makes for a fun wedding gift! Thanks for offering it in such a classy way!